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Making PPE's reusable

Textiles & Furniture Manufacturers

Next generation nanotechnology is here to provide up to 24-hour BioActive™ protection from germs and viruses. NAVCO’s ultimate simple spray solutions provide PPE protection for 24 hours. Benefits to frontline staff and our landfills are surely going to be quickly noticed.

Patented non-toxic formula forms a protective coating that bonds with fabrics upon application. Quick-dry on application ensures smooth operation for large volumes while providing up to 14 days of protection, truly a world’s first.  

PPE spray wash expected in March of 2021

Textile spray expected in March, 2021

Our products are holistically engineered with proven technology to fight the spread of illness-causing viruses and germs, leaving a positive lasting impression and a sense of confidence to all who use them in knowing that our products do exactly what we say they do.

With NAVO BioActive™ product line our world is becoming safer everyday

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