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Nanotech Biomedical Applications

Research and Development at NAVCO is truly unique in that it encompasses cutting edge technology and science that models and compliments our natural world to derive formulations of the highest and purest quality.  We let go of the old paradigm in R&D and continue to innovate and leverage the latest in artificial intelligence with a keen focus on nanosized particles. Our expertise is not only limited to nanoparticles, we undertake to bring you the most biologically active formulations. At less than 50nm, the relative properties of nanoparticles begin to change. This is where the laws of classical physics give way to quantum mechanics and give rise to a new class of electromagneto, optical, and biological behaviors. 

NAVCO’s passion is to study these new behaviors in our everyday world, leveraging Artificial Intelligence and our continuous learning through computer modeling, and through scientific observations and experimentations. We learn new ways to apply our advances to better our world. NAVCO is acutely positioned with proprietary patented technology, learning from nature, to realize new innovations with real life applications and deliver the future in anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal product development to you today. 

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