NAVCO Pharmaceuticals

Nano Silver

NAVCO BioGuard™ Colloidal Silver

Silver ions suspended in only the purest water.

Known for its remarkable anti-infectious virtues, colloidal silver was widely used until the discovery of modern antibiotics. Abandoned for a while, it has returned as a treasured natural solution that is particularly useful in the elimination of bacteria, viruses, parasites, microbes, fungi, and molds.  NAVCO’s colloidal silver represents next generation of silver nano particles with Powerful Action of at least 4x faster ion generating than any other particles on the market.

Ultra-pure better than pharmaceutical grade water, obtained via a long and complex purification system results in cascaded dynamization process to increase energy and strengthen action. The high purity of NAVCO colloidal silver means the ions remain active over time, guaranteeing absolute bioavailability, and optimal efficiency.